Swedish Decathlon Challenge 2017

Flen, April 29-30, 2017

Welcome to what might be the last Swedish Decathlon Challenge held in Flen, Sweden! We welcome you to a two day competition in the traditional Swedish Decathlon style, including this year's mystery event: Sail Challenge by Cuboss! More information about the competition, the Decathlon and the Sail Challenge can be found below. 

General Information

  • Events: 3x3, 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, 3x3 OH, 3x3 FMC, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1.
  • Date: April 29-30, 2017
  • City: Flen, Sweden
  • Venue: Skjortan, Flen. The competition will take place in the big conference room on Saturday, and during the first events on Sunday. After 11:15 on Sunday, the rest of the competition will take place in the smaller conference room. https://flen.se/uppleva-gora/aktivitetshuset-skjortan/
  • Adress: Drottninggatan 24, 64237, Flen
  • Organisers: Daniel Wallin and Lovisa Eriksson
  • WCA Delegate: Anders Berggren
  • Entry fee: 150 SEK
  • Contact: danne_wallain@live.se

Registration and Payment

Registration: Registration is made through the competitions WCA website which can be found here: https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/competitions/SwedishDecathlonChallenge2017 There is a limit of competitors which has been set to 80 due to venue constraints. The big conference hall of Skjortan is currently undergoing work to become a gymnastics hall, which limits how the competition can be organised. We also have to move the competition to the small conference hall on Sunday, since the big hall is booked on Sunday after lunch. Therefore, we had to lower the amount of competitors, compared to last year. 

Payment: The entry fee is set to 150 SEK. This fee must be transferred in advance by swedish competitors. We will use the new WCA payments system for the first time so payments and registration will happen on the same page. Your regisration will not be accepted before we have recieved the entry fee. 

Accomodation and Food

Accomodation: We have arranged for those who want, to come to sleep at "Gula längan" at the sports ground, about 250 meters away from the competition venue. It will cost 250 SEK per night, breakfast included. (We had to increase the price for accomodation since "Gula Längan" has become more expensive to book since last year.) Sleeping at Gula längan is possible on the night before Saturday and Sunday. We have 32 beds, first come first served. One sleeps in hostels standard (don´t forget your sleeping stuff). To book accommodations at "Gula längan", email: danne_wallain@live.se The cost for this accommodation should be sent in through swish or bank-transfer. Breakfast included!

Swish: 0723244651. 

Bank: Ica-Banken. Bank account number: 9272 103 407 3.

Foreigners have the possibility to pay either at the venue or through Paypal. If the competitor wants to pay through Paypal, they need to send an e-mail to the organisers (danne_wallain@live.se) to recieve the link where payment is done. Payment through Paypal will add 10 SEK to the original 250 SEK making it 260 SEK per person per night. This is due to Paypal transfer fees. Foreigners who wants to pay for the stay at the venue will just need to send an email to me in order to get there booking confirmed. 

  • The booking will not be accepted before we receive the payment.

"Idrottsgården" is another option, if you want to stay in Flen over the weekend. Also "Idrottsgården" is a hostel, located at 2,1 kilometer walk from the venue. Prices are as follows: 380 SEK for a single room. 325 SEK per person in a 2-4 bed room. (Minimal cost per room for this option is 650 SEK.) 650 SEK for two persons in a 2-4 bed room. For more information visit: https://www.idrottsgarden.webnode.se

There are several hotels within 20 minutes of the venue. These can be booked through sites such as https://www.booking.com 

Food: If you book accommodation at "Gula längan" a breakfast is included adjacent to the rooms. Many supermarkets are located close to the venue, in the city center. Pizzeria and a few restaurants are also located at the city center, about 700 meters away from the venue.

A café will be open during the competition, just as last year. We will sell soft drinks, snacks, toasts and the famous homemade cinnamon buns. We only accept cash, no swish or credit cards! Many ATMs are located in the city center. 

We will organise a pizza buffet at the venue during dinner on Saturday. Competitors and relatives will register for the buffet during registration on Saturday morning. If you have any special reqirements or requests, we want to know that during registration and we will do what we can to fulfill those. Registration for the pizza buffet has to be done before 13:00 on Saturday. The price for the pizza buffet is 60 SEK per person including soft drinks. We calculate for 3.5 persons per family pizza. 


Adress of the venue: Drottninggatan 24, 64281 Flen, Sweden (Aktivitetshuset Skjortan) Map: https://bit.ly/2ngRsZc

Car: Main roads 55 and 57 go through Flen, which you access from the E4 and E20 roads. Head against the city center in the roundabout close to the petrol stations. Follow "Södra Kungsgatan" until you drive over the railroad for the second time. Then take the first left onto "Drottninggatan". Continue 1 kilometer, and you will have the venue on your right. Car parking is available in front of the venue, and 100 meter further down the road at "Hammarvallen".

Train: Take the train to Flen station. The venue is then 700 meters away from the station. Walk through the tunnel under the railway. It is not marked on some of the maps. If your train arrives before 11:15 am on Saturday, you will get to the venue in time before the main events start. If your train departs after 18:25 pm on Sunday, you will not miss anything of the competition! If you want to participate in 3x3 FMC first attempt, your train has to arrive before 10:15 am on Saturday. Train seats can be booked through: https://www.sj.se


The time schedule for Swedish Decathlon Challenge 2017 can be found through the following link: https://bit.ly/2m5Vjsn

Decathlon Challenge

During the competition, a decathlon will be held. Competitors signing up and competing in 9 or 10 events will automatically be signed up for the decathlon. Competitors have the possibility to add events to their registration and by that getting signed up for the decathlon. The competitors will compete as usual in all events, but in each round, you will get points depending how good averages you get. The best result in either the first round, semifinal or final will be counted. If you set a new world record average, you will get maximum points for that event, 100 points. Then, there is a sliding scale where one gets a certain amount of points depending on the time span you end up in. 3x3 FMC works the same way, but it is the best singles of all your solutions that counts. You will also be able to collect points during the Sail Challenge by Cuboss. More information about the Sail Challenge can be found further down this page. 

More information about the decathlon and the relay will be provided at the venue. Remember that the decathlon is unofficial, no results from it will be posted on the WCA. 

Sail Challenge by Cuboss

This years mystery event will be "Sail Challenge by Cuboss". The top 16 competitors in the Rubik´s cube (3x3) semifinal will enter the challenge. Each one of those will recieve one Qiyi Sail 3x3. These cubes are generously sponsored by Cuboss. The competitors will get five minutes to prepare their Sail for the upcoming head to head battles. Preparation might be lubing, tensioning etc. You have to bring your own stuff for preparation, we will not hand out screwdrivers, lubrication and such things.

After the preparation is done, competitors will compete against each other in head to head battles where the winner advance to the next round. Competitors will be placed in a playoff tree according to the results in the 3x3 Semifinal. Extra points in the Decathlon Challenge will be awarded to the competitors in the Sail Challenge. 

  • Competitors who lose their 1/8 final will receive 10 points.
  • Competitors who lose their quarterfinal will receive 20 points.
  • The competitors who place 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st will receive 30, 35, 40 and 50 points respectively.

The 16 Qiyi Sails will also be distributed depending on how long you proceed in this challenge. The playoff tree can be found through the following link: https://bit.ly/2nUaSV0


If you have any further questions about the competition, feel free to contact the organizers thorugh email.

Daniel Wallin: danne_wallain@live.se

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